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Serving Pennyslvania, Maryland, NEw JErsey
other areas available for clinics
Service fee includes 1 hour of travel from READING PA, 19606.
Each additional hour of travel is $45

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Bit Fittings

Fitting of Bit for your Horse.
$140 Plus Travel

Bridle Fittings

Bespoke Anatomical Bridle Fitted to your Horse $75 Fitting Fee Plus Travel
House of Montar
Flexible Fit Equestrian
Lumiere Equestrian
Correct Connect

DP Saddle Fittings

Evaluation and Fitting of DP Saddles
$125 Fitting Fee Plus Travel
- Fitting Fee will go towards Purchase Price

About our serviceS

Samantha offers a full, comprehensive evaluation of your current bridle and bit, as well as your horse’s Mouth and facial structure. Most often, a rider feels a lack of connection, or the horse is too strong and pulling, or dropping behind the vertical. There is an evasion present that cannot be ignored.

Horses respond to pressure, both negatively and by the release of it. Bridles are usually the last piece of equipment that people put much thought into, and unfortunately most bridle manufacturers do not take a horse’s facial structure into consideration when making bridles. Even some anatomical bridles put pressure on sensitive points.Riders know and understand that the nerves and pressure points in the face and neck directly tie into how well a horse can use his back to engage his hind legs. But bridles are overlooked.

Samantha has thoughtfully chosen brands that fit her ethos of horse equipment. She has taken it even further by only offering certain items from these brands as well. for instance, you won't find any twisted or corkscrew style bits, or metal nosebands in her kit. even if the brand offers it as an option.

Samantha will show you if your current setup affects any of these areas and if we can make them comfortable with what you already have. You will have the opportunity to ride in a bridle custom fitted, piece by piece, for your horse’s unique anatomy. Samantha will also evaluate your horse’s mouth and determine where they are sensitive. You will then have the opportunity to ride in a variety of bits. You will have time to ride in a variety of bridle crown pieces and nosebands, as well. Appointments are allotted 90 minutes, so the process is never rushed. double bridle fittings often take longer and the snaffle bridle is looked at as well.

Bit and Bridle Fitting Fee $140
Bridle Only Fitting Fee $75
Double BRidle Fitting Fee $175

travel fees may be split amongst other appointments at the same barn, same day

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